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Get your Pro Tools Demo Software Right Here!


Want a demo of our software?

  • Go through our simple authorization process
  • Download the demo software
  • Authorize the demo via

After doing all of that, the software will be fully-functional during a 30-day demo period (200 launches, see below). If you want to use it after that you'll have to purchase it. Note that only one demo period is allowed per computer system. If you have already activated a demonstration on your system you won't be able to get another one by downloading a new demo authorization to your iLok. We can't even do that on our own computers. Yes, really!

Please read all this stuff.....

System Requirements

You MUST have the following to run the Demo Plug-Ins:

  • Pro Tools TDM Hardware: HD or HD ACCEL (MIX = UNSUPPORTED). Our plug-ins are currently only available for Pro Tools TDM systems. We do not support the RTAS plug-in format, so Pro Tools LE based systems such as the MBOX, Digi 001, and Digi 002 are NOT supported. We also do not currently produce (and most likely never will produce) plug-ins for other formats such as Audio Units, or MAS. We do have the Stereo Room and Plate plug-ins from the Reverb 2016 suite available as VST plug-ins. See this page for more information.
  • Pro Tools 6.0 (or later) running on Mac OS 10.2.4 (or later) or Windows XP. OS 9 is NOT supported.
  • An iLok USB Smart Key. If you do not currently own an iLok, you must purchase one in order to use our plug-ins. An iLok can be purchased from a variety of sources, including the online DigiStore operated by Digidesign.
  • An account. Creating an account is simple and free. Visit for details.
  • Safari or Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater on the Mac; Internet Explorer for Windows XP systems.

Time limit

The demo expires in 30 days, or 200 launches. A launch means each time you create an instance of a plugin. So if you slot in a plug-in over and over you may actually run out of time in less than 30 days. Not likely, but bear it in mind. If you are using the product please don't wait till the last day to buy the full authorization. It can take up to 72 hours to authorize your iLok with a full license. It usually takes less than 24 hours; but could in rare cases be longer due to Internet outages or other things beyond our control. There have been a few cases of people in a panic when they've used the reverbs in a session and then find they suddenly don't work because the demo license has expired. It's not possible to extend the demo due to the way that the iLok copy protection works.

Download and Authorize

Please email audio @ for an authorization.

Click HERE to download the demo manually or view some installation hints; then request an authorization by email. Note: the demo won't work without an iLok authorization.

Buy MeOnce you've tried the demo you'll probably want to buy it ;-). Contact audio @ to purchase a permanent authorization.


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